Orient Cut Wire Shot are made of cold drawn spring steel wire with a high content of carbon (C) and is obtained by cutting wire into lengths equal to the wire diameter, and then making it round if necessary through the conditioning (rounding) process. The quality is assured in cut-wire shot because the wire from which it has been produced is heat treated and cold drawn to achieve hardness and homogeneity. This, together with the balanced chemical properties and complete solidity of every piece, insure that cut-wire shot will not fracture, break or powder while in use.

Steel cut wire shots (1)


  • Its cylindrical shape with edges rounded helps to clean faster. The rate of cleaning will be ultimately increased by at least 25% of your Blasting Machine.
  • Where you will require 4 kgs for shot blasting of 1-ton material, by using cut wire shots you will just require 1.5 kg.
  • Equal hardness and size and excellent homogeneity.
  • After few hours of usage, during the shot blasting process, the cut wire shots become conditioned (spherical) due to its natural tendency.
  • Due to fine grain size, shots lives for days and weeks, until every shot reduces to micro particle; they do not break into dust.
  • Components peened/blasted with cut wire shots have much greater life than the same components peened/blasted with any shots/grits, because it maintainthere peening intensity longer than any other shot type.
  • Shot used in the shot peening/blasting process should be at least as hard as Almen strips or the part being peened/blasted.
  • Being used in more cycles (3-5 times), cut wire shots reduces the cost for maintenance and warehouse.
  • Lower Surface Contamination.
  • 100% solid material; no blowholes, tails & porosity.
  • You can reduce the time for shot peening/blasting.
  • Cleans fast and gives bright & smooth finish than other abrasive.
  • Increases the fatigue life for the blasted objects.
  • No dust or health hazard during operation.


Steel Cut Wire Shots (also called pellets) is used for cleaning, deburring, descaling, fettling, shot peening on components of iron & steel. Depending upon the application, various hardness ranges are available. Usually higher the hardness, lower the durability. Surface cleaned by wire cut shots is exceptionally bright and smooth. It is whole-bodied shot with no scales or oxides present; it creates no dust and leave the surface clean and bright than other abrasives.



Due to its sharp edge, it works good only for cleaning where speed of cleaning is critical and somewhat rough finish is acceptable. But not advisable to use for peeing operation which can cause dent as they damage the fatigue life.



As-Cut Shots when rounded off through a conditioning process. Conditioned carbon steel cut wire shot is a precision tool. It is made from carbon steel wire of selected diameter and tensile strength by means of special cutting machines and a following conditioning by means of special shot blasting machines. It is used more in the shot peening process; also in different industries such as automotive industry, aerospace industry, shipping industry, etc.

Carbon Steel Cut Wire

Carbon Steel Cut Wire Shot is a popular alternative to cast steel abrasives. This is particularly used for peening /blasting applications where a higher level of abrasive hardness is desirable or when components to be peened/blasted  have a high level of inherent hardness. It is ideal abrasives for shot peening / blasting operation.

General Information

  • Abrasive           :  carbon steel cut wire shot
  • Shape               :  Round, conditioned, As-cut 
  • Application      : Shot Peening, Shot Blasting

Chemical Composition

  • C    0.45 – 0.85 %   max. 0.04 %
  • Mn 0.30 – 1.20 %   max. 0.05 % 
  • Si   0.10 – 0.35 %

Physical Properties 

  • Hardness Standard        : 40–52 HRC (400–550 HV1)
  • High                                  : 55–62 HRC (600–750 HV1)
  • Sizes                                 : 0.3mm to 2.8mm.
  • MicroStructure               : Tempered Martensite.
  • Porosity                           : NIL
  • BlowHoles and Tails     : NIL
  • Fine Grain Size               : Due to fine grain it does not break during shot blasting / peening, instead reduce in shape and size.
  • Density                             : min. 7.8 g/cm³
  • Packing                            :  Packed In 25 kgs HDPE Double bags.
  • Lifecycle                          : 4500+

Certifications & System Approval Standards:

SAE J441; SAE AMS 2431/3; SAE AMS 2431/8; VDFI 8001; ISO 11124-1, IS 5873/1970  etc.

Industries Users:-

Foundries, Forgings, Automobile Components, Gears & Springs, Heat Treatment Shop, Non Ferrous Castings, Plate Preparation, Railway Wagon & Defense, Earth movers, Aeronautics, Steel Fabrication, and other various type of applications.

Higher-Manganese Low Carbon Conditioned Wire Shot

If components are blasted with wire shot to produce the surface finish, production economy plays a significant role in particular, apart from the positive optical effects. If the component hardness is 40 HRC or less then here low-hardness High-Manganese steel cut wire shot is the first choice. High longevity due to higher Manganese% and low plant wear and tear are the outstanding properties of this abrasive.

The use of the low-hardness, High-Manganese spring steel wire is advantageous. This abrasives are resistant to impact, which is absorbed homogeneously on the whole shot surface. Lower the hardness more is the longevity. Unlike high-carbon abrasives, no surface cracks are observed and thus a considerably higher longevity is achieved at minimum wear of the plant components.

General Information

  • Abrasive          : High Manganese Low Hardness steel cut wire shot
  • Shape              : Round, conditioned
  • Application      : Shot blasting

Chemical Composition

  • C     0.10 –0.40 %    max. 0.035%
  • Mn  1.20– 1.70%     max.  0.035%
  • Si    0.10– 0.25%

Physical Properties:

  • Hardness   Standard       : 35–40 HRC (350–400 HV1)
  • Sizes                                  : 0.6mm to 2.0mm.
  • MicroStructure                : Tempered Martensite.
  • Porosity                            : NIL
  • Fine Grain Size                : Due to fine grain it does not break during shot blasting, instead reduce in shape and size.
  • Density                              : min. 7.8 g/cm³
  • Packing                             : Packed In 25 kgs HDPE Double bags.
  • Life cycle                          : 5400+

Industries Users:-

Forgings, Steel Fabrication, Bright Bar, Pre Engineering Steel Structure, Descaling, Deburring, LPG Cylinders, Tipper, Trailer etc. Any component having hardness less than 400HV.


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